Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fashion Show

{here is Callen, flaunting his two-ness}

Tomorrow Callen is supposed to be in a Simple Shoes fashion show.  He is 2.  He is stinking cute and can definitely ham it up with the best of them.  He is charming and handsome.  Yes, all of this is true.  

But, he is 2.  The chances of meltdowns are high, and the battle of the wills could be in full force.

This is what I am hoping for...

That he makes it all the way down the "runway" with a smile on his face.

That he does not refuse to walk down the runway when it is his turn.

That he does not panic halfway down the runway and scream for me.

That he does not see any sort of snack or treat in the audience as he is walking down the runway, causing him to stop and demand a taste!

That he does not stop in the middle of the runway and "do a show" (that would mean that he would sing something that sounds a bit like a duck trying to sing and it probably would have words like "Thomas, James and Percy" but his pronunciation of "Percy" sounds much more like a horrible name for a girl's body part.)  

Oh, and I am also hoping that he gets to keep the cute simple shoes.  

As I was tucking him in bed tonight, I was prepping (brainwashing) him for his "big show where he will walk slowly in his new shoes".  I almost had to pinch him because he is just too cute when he replied:

"Oh yes.  I so stited!"

I will let you know how it goes...


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