Friday, November 21, 2008

He's Too Sexy For His Shirt!

Well, apparently Callen was born to strut his stuff.  From the moment he stepped onto the "catwalk" - it was a legit catwalk with lots of lights and thumping music and a decent audience - he turned into a two year old version of Blue Steele.  He was a natural and is talking about his "big show" just about every 5 minutes.  If I was highly motivated, I would consider getting him a little agent person to help build his college fund because Lord knows we could use the padding.  But, I am a lazy mom and would rather spend my days with him at the beach or rolling cars down the slide at our park.

But, thank goodness, there were no meltdowns until after the show when he tried to sled down the sidewalk on his hands and knees (he fell).  

And, I apologize for not having any photos to share with you.  I forgot to pack my camera (yes, I know, what mother forgets her camera when her kid is going to be on stage?  That would be me!).  But, Kristen took some photos so I will share them with you soon.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!


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