Friday, October 10, 2008

You Know You Have An Older Sister When...

{when you are dressed up as a fairy/pirate}

{when you accessorize}

{when you appreciate hair glitter and lip gloss}

{when you choose a hand bag to tote your cars}

{when you wear my little pony underwear as a "hat"}

{When your mom dresses you in pink hand me downs, like these water wings}

I am all for gender neutral parenting. I try not to push pink on Logan and I am open to Callen exploring his inner girliness. But, lately he is really embracing it! He is starting to ask for things in the shades of pink that his sister loves (can I have the pink cup, can i hold the pink bear, etc.). He is also starting to accessorize his outings with a purse or two (there is usually a car tucked inside the purse, but it is still a purse). He often demands to wear a head band (just like "mogan"). I had one day where we were headed out to watch a little preschooler buddy play soccer and Callen and I argued about whether he could wear a head band like his sister. I finally gave in, thinking, "You know, I don't really care if he wears it or not. I just don't want him to be made fun of."

How far do I let it go? I remember reading about a little boy who wanted to wear a skirt to preschool. Any other moms out there with boys who love cars and pink tulle?


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