Monday, October 13, 2008

love this...

“There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.” -Washington Irving

I am, in a strange way, excited for what our nation is going through.  I believe that it is going to shake our culture up a bit.  I believe that it is going to cause us to question our consumption and how we use things to numb ourselves a bit.  Adversity brings a fight in our souls ... a fight for truth and a fight for survival!  

I do not delight in the pain that many are going through.  I have been there, and we still feel the ramifications of the economy.  But, I delight in knowing that as a people, many of us will be refined in these times.  We will lean into what is important. We will ask harder questions and seek to know true peace.  Peace that cannot be bought or found in "securities" like stocks and bonds.  

I also just love seeing that spark in the women around me.  I think it is one of the most beautiful things to behold.  I am grateful to be a woman because I believe wholeheartedly that we carry with us a part of God's identity that is not found anywhere else in creation.  "In His own image, He created them."  Adam is not the only one who is made in God's image.  I think that is pretty sweet!  


Heather of the EO said...

Um. Ali? I'm getting scared.

I think it was Sat. that we both wrote about focusing on the positive. You on MM and me on the EO.
You used the verses in your post that I've been getting hit over the head with lately.
Last night I came across the very quote you have in this post today. I thought, "how can I use this quote in a post about what's going on in our country..."
This is getting a bit weird. And cool.
I just love what you said here. I've been thinking a lot of the same things and wondering if I'm the only one that thinks about it this way.
Not that it's fun to have hard times and I don't want to lose my house or my car. But what if I did? I would still have my family (and hopefully a computer for blogging.) I would see a strong part of myself that has been dormant.
And if people around me lose something in the days to come, I want to be the one who helps in bigger ways, reminding my friends and family that there's still a whole lot of human decency out there to uncover. I'll stop rambling.... :)

Ali said...


That is kind of scary. But, remember that your "remember" post was in my head too! I count it a super high honor to have my mind thinking like yours!

I also look forward to seeing how we can weather this storm with grace and be people that bear others' burdens. I am excited about getting to see more of the PEOPLE around me, more of their true self and less of the "flair" that is attached to them. I think that we are going to benefit greatly from this hard time.


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