Sunday, September 7, 2008

I heart Ikea.

Oh how I love Ikea. It is one of my favorite places to go with my kids. On weekdays. Weekends it is way too crazy. But, weekdays are lovely. We can cruise the wide aisles of the store and take a rest on the couches in the middle when we get tired. We can eat breakfast for .99 and enjoy the kids' play area for free. It is always the place to go when I am planning a party, need candles or organizing stuff. But, today I love Ikea for another reason. It allowed me to make a table for my entry way for $45. I have been shopping for one and could not bear to part with $200 for a table from Target, Cost Plus, Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel. That is way to much money for something that just needs to hold my keys and fill a little space.
I found these desk legs at Ikea and I love the modern/vintage vibe to them. The stainless steel is sleek, but the curvy lines are feminine and funky. They are $10 each.

I got a 2 in x 12 in plank of wood from Lowe's that they cut to the measurements that fit my space for me. Took it home and beat it up with my hammer to distress it a bit. Kind of fun. Then, I stained it with dark espresso stain...only took 2 coats and about 5 minutes with each coat.

Drew and I screwed the legs onto the plank and that part took about 1 minute per leg.
Here it is... I dig it. It is one of my favorite pieces right now.

From the side, it has this curvy vibe going for it...

I love putting stuff together that is rustic/distressed and sleek and shiny. Kind like our lives, right? Oh, and the big lanterns were in the summer clearance section for $4 each. Score!

I have seen in the Ikea catalogue that they have the same legs in 17 inch height. How cute would they be on a rustic plank of wood for a bench? Maybe a vintage blue or torquoise color distressed a bit...

Nesting is fun.


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