Saturday, September 20, 2008

{A Blustery Sort of Fallish Day}

Sometimes I long for 4 seasons.  You know the ones James Taylor talks about when he says, "Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.  All you have to do is call..."

We have seasons here.  But, they are really only marked by a slightly different change in temperature and holidays.  We don't have 4 distinct seasons.  Part of me is thankful and part of me wishes for changing leaves and flurries of snow.

But, I definitely appreciate the small taste of Fall we have gotten here in our new neighborhood.  There is this "common green" area.  The neighbors here call it "the greenbelt".  Drew and I call it "the shire".  We spend many afternoons out there with our little buddies, running, biking, climbing trees (we are mostly watching the buddies climb...that could be a bit awkward otherwise), having picnics under the very, very tall trees.

Just a few days ago we were making our way out to the shire.  Logan was razoring.  Callen and I were walking along, very far behind her because his little legs were moving slowly this day.  All of the sudden I heard a loud scream from Logan -

"Mama!  Oh Mama!  Run here, quickly!  You have to see this!"

I scooped Callen up and started to move more quickly because I was not quite sure if I should be excited or expecting some sort or peril.

It was exciting.  

As I rounded the corner with Callen in my arms, I saw Logan sprinting towards the hugest pile of leaves.  She was shouting, "Fall is here!  Fall is here!"

We frollicked and played in the massive leaf pile for a very long time.  (Total bonus that I do not have to rake these leaves!)

After dinner we returned with the camera and frollicked some more...

And then, there was this song about it...

And, once again, Callen at the end of the video is just too dang cute. Did you hear him sing, "I want to play that game."? He was looking at a board game sitting on the floor and that is what came out.

Oh, and yes, I do know that my hubby is amazing!  Check him out on itunes (drew bray).  He will make your day better.

Bring on the apple cider, Fall is Here!!!


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