Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 on 10

I love when other bloggers post their 10 on 10. I have intended to begin doing it many times. Just like I intend to make photo books for every year of our marriage. Today was a good day to start.

What is "10 on 10"? Heather Mattos, from Cookie Mondays, summarized it beautifully:

Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments!

Typically, the idea here is to document a whole day's worth of photos in one post. Inspiration to remember to capture simple, everyday moments and record them, as well!

Today at Mama Manifesto we took on a collaborative 10 on 10. Kind of a view into the moments of many mamas days. Visit and check it out. And, link up your own 10 on 10, if you do it.

Here is my 10 on 10 ...

9 am: Morning cuddles on the couch, as we consider good name choices for his stuffed animals. "Owlie" is pictured here. Owlie has a lot of questions, most of which are: "Who?"

10 am: Returning decor items from a fundraising event for Nuru International to IKEA. There was ice cream. We were happy.

11 am: A quick errand at Paper Source, paper heaven. I love this place. I could spend hours looking at every little thing here. I got some japanese masking tape for a craft project. Callen and I played "I Spy" to keep him from juggling the fun Christmas goodies.

12 pm: Enjoying a smoothie on my way to Balboa Island for a walk (alone!). I rarely get a moment to walk by myself, as I usually have my trusty sidekick on his razor or bike. This was an amazing treat with ipod loaded with great tunes, and time to pray and walk in the sunshine

These ladies just had to be included. I love watching them paint the beauty of balboa. I was reminded of how we are wired to create.

1 pm: The end of my walk. Oh, how I love this place and I am so thankful that it is now only about 10 minutes from my home. I came home a much different mama than when I left. Feeling more peaceful and with a fresh perspective on loving my family in the mundane (something I was struggling with in the morning).

2 pm: Starting a craft project in my daughter's room. I gathered stuff that has been lurking in the garage to create some much-needed (FREE!!) wall art in her new room.

3 pm: Done! Love it. Love that it was free. (I will share more about this craft project tomorrow.)

4 pm: Homework time with my sweet girlie.

5 pm: Dinner prep. Taco Tuesday. Everything was ready for our return from soccer.

6 pm: Soccer practice. Not pictured here - the invisible icicles hanging from my body. It was so cold! Fall has definitely arrived. We played "how hot can it get" in the car on the way home with the heater blasting.

It was a lovely day of ordinary moments.

Sidenote: All photos from today were taken on my iphone using the instagram app. It is pretty awesome. A fun way to play with different effects and offers immediate sharing to facebook, flickr, etc. And its free!


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