Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's lovely.

My last post was about how life would be different if I was intentionally making some specific choices. What a difference a few little things make. I am in a season that is marked by intentionality (it's totally a word). In true Ali fashion, there is a lot of analyzing in my head... I am a bit irritated by social media (facebook especially). I am asking myself a lot of questions about blogging ... why do we do it? ... what's the purpose? ... is it worth the time sacrificed that could be spent elsewhere? ... am I reading more about other people's lives than living my own? ... is this feeding my "people pleasing" issues? ... is this feeding my quest to build my identity? and probably most importantly - how does my interaction with blogging (writing and reading) impact my family?

Why am I irritated with Facebook? It could just be me, but I feel like facebook is the laziest way to communicate. I am not a fan of learning big news about my closest friends lives in a "news feed". I go to facebook to feel more connected and I would say 95% of the time leave feeling less connected and kind of out of the loop on everything. And, I am all for striving to be positive and meditate on the lovely in our lives, but facebook often feels like a long list of bragging. Sorry, but that is how it feels. And, really, should we all care about which starbucks beverages are being consumed by our friends? I am thinking of unplugging the facebook umbilical cord all together. I'm processing.

This is a quote I've been pondering lately and I just can't quite figure out how it melds with the facebook world ...

"Is what you're about to say going to improve upon the silence?"

Being intentional. That's what we were talking about. My hubby shared a great morsel from an author he loves. This fella encourages smiling whenever you speak to people. Obviously, not smiling while you are talking about something sad. Be real, people. But, smiling when speaking for the most part. It's quite pleasant, really. Its quite surprising what a difference a smile makes in one's entire disposition. I've been practicing smiling while driving, and oddly I feel more peaceful.

Speaking of smiling ... we have an improved smile over here.

Logan lost her first tooth. It was a long-awaited event. She penned this letter to her tooth fairy, which made me giggle.


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