Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is love!

Don't you think that the longer you are married, the better you get at recognizing how much your spouse loves you through the oddest "displays".  In early marriage, I was wooed by love songs written just for me, and special date nights, and flowers and proclamations of my beauty and grace.

Now, 10 years and 2 kids later...

I am wooed by my husband doing fancy tricks on his bike while the kids and I follow him.   I was pushing our jogging stroller and so badly wanted a few more minutes of exercise.  But, the natives were restless.  A revolt was steadily growing.  Snacks were no longer placating and the grumbling was growing louder and louder.  

Dun dun du daaaaaa...

My knight in shining armor steps up and begins entertaining them with all sorts of antics.  He was pretending to ride into the trees lining the walkway.  He would ride under the tree branches and duck at the very last moment, just barely missing a concussion.  The kids were giddy with excitement.  There is nothing funnier to toddlers and preschoolers than physical comedy, right?

Well, maybe this is better.  This was his finale.  For about a 1/2 mile he did these tricks while cars slowed down and people walking on the other side of the street stared at us like we were the biggest family of freaks.  Were they in awe?  Were they perplexed?  Yes to all of it.

-"Honey, what is that guy doing?"
-"I don't know dear, but lets stay on this side of the road.  I hope he doesn't fall on those children."


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