Saturday, November 1, 2008

{Happy Halloween}

We have enjoyed the Halloween Festivities to our fullest capacity this year! Callen was really excited to be Buzz Light Year, but I guess he only enjoys being Buzz in the comforts of our own home.  When it was time to head out for the Trick or Treating he was inconsolable (could be due to the fact that the buzz costume is like wearing leather pants, and it is 90 degrees here - where the heck is Fall???).  So, we moved to a Plan B costume - David Beckham.  Apparently David Beckham is not super concerned with his nutrition because last night he attempted to eat his weight in sugar!

 Logan embraced her inner-fanciness as "Fancy Nancy", her favorite character in literature right now - complete with pink hair and all.  She loved the parade at preschool and was in treat nirvana for the Trick or Treating time!  We got to spend the evening with 8 other families - so there were lots of super heroes, fifties girls, a cheerleader, and even a dog dressed like a pig trick or treating as a group.  We were overwhelming to the poor home owners for sure!

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!

{Logan as Fancy Nancy @ preschool}

{Logan & Dorothe & a fairy, also known as Maya & Sascha}

{the parade}

{Buzz from the back}

{Callen as Buzz, before the Melt-Down}

{the crazy posse of kids}

{Trick or Treat!!!}

{Callen as Beckham}

{Happy Halloween from Fancy Nancy & David Beckham!!}


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